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Here is a list of some of our favorite links.

We hope this list helps you navigate the waters and begin your research on topics related to our Great Nation both pertaining to its rich past and present situation.

We have also included sites where you can find what other people are doing to both preserve our history and help keep our United States of America the freest and greatest nation on earth.

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Jenny Museum

See History in a Whole New Light!

  Meet Leo Martin, local historian and tour  guide, and experience one of the several  adventures offered by the Jenny Museum  when you join their 17th Century  Educational Living History  Tours.

Your journey into history begins here!

The Pioneer Institute

Public Policy Research- based in Boston, MA

The Upper Cape Tea Party

Cape Cod, Massachusetts



"Presenting America's forgotten history and heros..."

The Heritage Foundation

"Research and educational institution..."

Hillsdale College

Featuring their free monthly speech digest called Imprimis.

ACT! For America Education

President, Brigitte Gabriel

Truth in American Education


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